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Iona Beach

For the second follow-up post of my Vancouver trip, I will be highlighting images taken during my visit to Iona Beach Regional Park. Summarily, the location is a must-see hidden attraction, though admittedly was not on the initial itinerary. That being said, we are very fortunate to have decided to include the beach not once, but twice, and walk along its two distinct jetties: North Arm and Iona. Our first visit was spent exploring the base of the each jetty, where we discovered two barges along the marshy terrain, as well several beautiful flowers.

Intrigued by the scenery, we decided to return to walk the entire 2.5 mile Iona as our final activity. To our surprise though, the park looked entirely different as a result of the low tide exposing acres of seabed, and recent forest fires creating an enveloping haze. Nonetheless, we proceeded down the jetty in order to feed our curiosity of what was at the end,  spotting various plant life along the way and even a bald eagle perched on a distant structure.

After an hour's worth of walking, we finally reached the end to find a sewage related facility covered in graffiti, and past that, an observation deck overlooking a hazy seascape with no land in sight in any direction. Perhaps a bit anti-climactic, but definitely a worthwhile experience.