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7 Hazards of Real Estate Photography

I can say with confidence that at this point in my career I have photographed over 2,000 properties ranging from dilapidated, renter occupied town homes, to luxurious, 12,000 square foot mansions. Along with the numerous styles of decor and architecture that I've encountered, there have been some surprisingly reoccurring behind-the-scenes findings. Without further ado I present 7 things that you wouldn't expect of a house that was just placed on the market.

Creepy Basements

There's no worse feeling than having to find all the light switches in an empty house, except for when that house also has an outdated, creepy basement. From animal rugs to scary work rooms, I've had to find my way through a lot of strange places.


Happy or sad, clowns just shouldn't be part of the staging process. To make matters worse, it  seems as though whenever I do come across a clown, it exists as the sole object of focus in the room . . .

Fake Hands

This is one I truly don't understand, but have come across more times than I can count on a real hand. I open a cabinet, and there's a hand. I go to straighten a towel and there's another hand! I think the only thing worse was the time I opened a closet to find a mounted deer's head peering back at me.


Like clowns, dolls have presented themselves to me in a variety forms, some Chucky grade and others funny, but nonetheless an all too common occurrence. Also like clowns, dolls just shouldn't be a part of the staging process.


Moving into somewhat positive territory, I've come across a lot of creative home owners in my time photographing real estate. I've also come across a lot of forgetful homeowners, and should the two traits clash, sometimes the creativity gets left behind in the move . . .

 A home made, gold painted toilet plunger displaying the words "Golden Asshat Award" and wearing a mustache with googly eyes.


From fish to dogs, I simply love animals, and for the most part they love me back. Once in a while though, I encounter an animal that asks for a little too much of my attention.


Some homes have been around for a while, so it is understandable for them to come with their fair share of odd features. Admittedly, it would be kind of interesting to have an early 20th century engraving in your back yard. As for the guy from the early 20th century buried in the front yard . . . not so much.

And there you have it: 7 things to watch out for when you're searching for your dream home, or: 7 things to hide when selling people their dream home, although the list is bound to grow.