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Sea to Sky Highway

Saving the best for last, this final follow-up to my Vancouver post displays images from our ambitious journey up Highway 99. Also referred to as the Sea to Sky Highway, this route is well known for its cliffside views overlooking the Howe Sound, and has numerous attractions situated between North Vancouver and Squamish.

The first spot we visited was Lighthouse Park, which is situated behind a very beautiful North Vancouver neighborhood. Once there, we walked a short trail through the woods to see the lighthouse overlooking the water. Afterward, we headed further up to Whytecliff Park and Horseshoe Bay Park. Whytecliff was very scenic, though had a strong scent due to the thousands of mussels beached on the shoreline. Nearby, Horshoe Bay Park offered a serene harbor view and a sneak glimpse of the fjords situated further upstream.

Without a doubt Porteau Cove Provincial Park was our favorite attraction, as it offered stellar panoramic views of the Howe Sound from its pier and stony beach. The water here was an impressive aquamarine hue, and surprisingly slightly warmer than our hotel pool. Further up the road was Brittania Beach -- a small town best known for its mining museum. Once there we opted for an underground tour of the abandoned mine, followed by a peek inside the enormous, peculiarly shaped sorting facility.

On the last leg of the drive we stopped by Murrin Provincial Park to see Browning Lake and its encompassing trail. Based on the amount of people swimming in the lake, the location is a seemingly popular spot for Vancouver residents. Nearby, Shannon Falls Provincial Park also boasted large crowds who wanted to get a good look of the one-hundred story tall waterfall. Lastly, we visited the adjacent Stawamus Chief Provincial Park to witness its 2,300 ft high granite cliff-face. The location also had an interesting overpass walkway that allowed us to stand above Highway 99 and peer out in both directions.  

And with that, my Vancouver series comes to an end, though hopefully leaving you feeling inspired to visit for yourself!