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Oregon Photography

I have recently returned from my first trip to the west coast, and brought back with me a lot of photographs. The trip's full gallery can be viewed at

It goes without saying that Oregon is a very beautiful, yet rugged state, and that the city of Portland - where the trip began - has a unique, laid-back charm to it. 


After getting acquainted with Portland's layout, culture, and abundance of delicious food carts, we headed east on Route 84, which runs parallel with the Columbia River. On the opposite side, Multnomah Falls and several other waterfalls are situated against the towering cliff-side. We would also return a few days later, this time at night, to photograph the Vista House that overlooks the gorge. 

The next day of the trip was without a doubt the most treacherous, as our destination was set to Crater Lake National Park, located 300 miles south of Portland and through Oregon's Cascade Mountains. However, the journey was well worth it, as we arrived at the lake and above the cloud-line on one of the few days of the year with full visibility. 

As the weather continued to improve over the coarse of our stay, a visit to the coast was reserved as the final leg of the trip. Here we visited the peaceful coastal towns of Seaside and Cannon Beach, where I got to witness the monolithic Haystack Rock, and the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  

Once the sun set behind the horizon, we made one final trek north into Oregon's Ecola State park. Without a doubt, this was my favorite part of the entire trip, as the combination of a moonlit night and ocean waves gently reaching the shore created a very serene atmosphere that I hope to soon return to.