Info page for Washington DC Wedding Photographer Pavlos Karalis.

                     I am a Washington DC wedding photographer with additional experience in architectural, portrait, and event photography. As all professionals should, I guarantee a reliable service customized around your specific needs. My style can be recognized by its layered depth, vivid color, and meaningful composition. Furthermore, my images are accurate in both their capture and enhancement, and my turnaround time is as fast as requested. What separates me from much of the competition is that I am a full-time photographer, as opposed to part-time or hobbyist, and invest a lot of time into improving my service. I have also earned a four year BFA Photography degree that has equipped me with a deep understanding of visual elements. I know when it is appropriate to frame a certain way, employ a certain lens, or even allow things to further develop before making a capture. While my packages and rates are customized around your specific needs, at a minimum I promise to deliver all clients with professional imagery, unlimited consultation, and an enjoyable experience.


Tell us about your background:

My interest in photography began over a decade ago after enrolling in several analog film classes. I enjoyed the creative aspect of the medium so much that I decided to seriously pursue it as my career, and attained a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. It was there where I was able to engage with numerous mediums such as large format film and digital photography, all while strengthening my own perceptive abilities. Immediately after graduating, I dived head first into freelance work and after increasingly successful years, I am now entering my 4th year of business. Along the way I have worked alongside several other well-established photographers, conducted vast amounts of technical and creative research, and had the privilege of serving numerous Washington D.C. area families, businesses, and magazines -- such as DC Luxury and the Pentagram Newspaper.


Tell us about your style:

If I had to condense my style into a specific category, it would have to be 'artistic journalism.' When I am out photographing a wedding my key objective is to be as unobtrusive as possible, while at the same time ensure that my compositions are highly dynamic. Each segment of a wedding also requires its own unique approach: with ceremonies, I like to work primarily without a flash and rely on my telephoto lens to employ a bokeh aesthetic, while with receptions, I take advantage of my wide angle lens and remote lighting to best capture the lively action. When it comes to portraiture, I am able to produce both traditional and dynamic images, and provide ample instruction to ensure that everyone is feeling comfortable in front of my lens. In regard to editing, there are essentially two methods of working: enhancement and manipulation. Enhancing an image means to embolden the existing colors and tonal values, while manipulation means to alter those values into something hyper-real. I prefer to stick with enhancement, as it is a more non-destructive means of editing.


Give us a run through of your packages:

The basic foundation behind my wedding pricing is that I have a $1,200 starting rate that ensures all my clients receive two photographers (myself and an assistant), six hours of coverage, and full usage rights on all images. After approximately one week of processing -- much faster the average photographer's four week turnaround -- I upload all images (between 50 to 100 an hour per photographer) to an online viewing gallery for your review. Afterward, I ship the images to you in a customized USB case, and you are able to purchase additional prints or albums should  you choose to do so. In addition to the above, I provide all my clients with a tour of the venue, which is essentially another opportunity for you to discuss your wedding details in person at no extra cost. Lastly, additional hours of coverage may be added at a $200 hourly rate, and an engagement session for $200 + permit costs, but at no point do I have my clients purchase unnecessary packaging.